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We assist in the confusing world of home insurance. Our services connects you with one of our partner insurance agents who will help determine your subsidy eligibility and provide you with homeowners insurance quotes. Our site and partner agents are here to provide information & help in choosing the right plan for you.

Finding the Right Home Insurance Plan For You and Your Family

Regardless of whether you need to change your homeowners insurance to set aside cash, purchase homeowners insurance for your first home or looking for additional coverage with add-ons such as earthquake or flooding. Home Insurancely connects you the consumer with licensed agents from home insurance companies/carriers in the U.S.

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Determine Which Homeowners Insurance Policy Is Right For You

When you receive a Homeowners Insurance quote from a licensed insurance agent, there are multiple coverage limits with policy details that determine your monthly/annual costs for the coverage. Oftentimes a lower price maybe due to less coverage and higher premiums are results of increased coverage limits.

Homeowners insurance is typically standardized, however, when purchasing homeowners insurance you want to compare the total coverage based on the below bullets.

  • Coverage limits (Amount the company will pay out with a valid claim)
  • Deductible amounts (Amount you owe out of pocket before the company pays)
  • Type of replacement (RC vs. ACV)
  • Additional coverages and endorsements

Types of replacements vary insurer to insurer.

RC is the cost to replace your item with an item of similar quality. Replacement cost policies tend to be a bit more expensive since you are essential getting a brand new item for one that may have otherwise depreciated.

ACV on the other hand is the cost to replace the item subtracted by any depreciation.

  • Homeowners Insurance is Typically Standardized
  • Coverage limits are the amount a company will pay for a valid claim
  • Deductibles are amounts you owe out of pocket before Company pays
  • RC is the cost to replace your item for something similar
  • ACV is cost to replace the item after depreciation

Coverage Limit Example

Coverage Typical Coverage Limit Coverage Area
Dwelling Rebuild Home Entire Home
Structures 10% of Dwelling Additional buildings on property such as detached garage
Personal Property 50% of dwelling Belongings within the home
Loss of Use 20% of dwelling Living expenses in the event your home is not habitable
Personal Liability $100,000 Legal costs if you are sued and found liable
Medical Payments Description Medical expenses if a guest is injured on your property

RC = Replacement Cost

Replacement cost will reimburse you the homeowner based on the cost to completely replace a damaged item. For example, if you lose your dining table in a fire, an RC policy will reimburse you enough money to purchase a new dining table.

ACV = Actual Cash Value

Actual cash value reimburses you the homeowner based on the value of the item at the time of loss with depreciation. So, if that same dining table is lost in a fire you’ll receive a substantially less as it reflects the value of the used dining table. is a PRIVATELY OWNED website that is NOT owned or operated by any state or federal government agency.